Monday, March 23, 2009

St. Igantius Thought for the Day

Always looking for information about St. Ignatius, I came across a book published in 1887, "A Thought From Saint Ignatius For Each Day Of The Year". It has a sentence or two from one of St. Ignatius' many writings that can be used as a "daily reflection". The book is out of print* but there are online versions that I have located:
Copy of actual book PDF Version Word Version

The reason I mention it today is that today's quote really struck me. It is from the Spiritual Exercises and says "I will carefully consider how, on the day of judgement, I would wish to have discharged my office or my duty; and the way that I would wish to have done it then, I shall do now."

I can't help but think how much different our world would be if this was the primary thought everyone had upon waking each day. I know on most days that I set out along these lines but often fall short - sometimes early, sometimes later - but most days I do fall short of this ideal.

If you are online daily I highly recommend bookmarking one of the the links above and using it as part of your daily "spiritual exercise".

* There is a current (2006) version of the book available from Fordham University Press on Amazon . I purchased this version but find the 1887 version much more to my liking

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