Thursday, March 29, 2012

Matt Talbot Icon

Recently searching the "blogosphere" I came across Terry Nelson's blog, Abbey Roads, where he posts regularly on current Catholic topics. He is also an artist and has created some work that I really, really like. In particular, and apt for this blog, is an icon he painted of Venerable Matt Talbot. Click here to see his blog entry for this painting. The blog where he displays his artwork is Up Your Street

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fr. Z's blog entry regarding Fr. Leo Dolan's funeral

Over at Fr Z's blog, What Does That Prayer Really Say, he passes along some information about Fr. Leo Dolan, author of a little booklet called "The 12 Steps and Catholic Spirituality" which is available from the store at the Calix website. Fr. Z points out that Fr. Dolan was "dedicated to the beatification cause of Matt Talbot"

I also found an entry on the Venerable Matt Talbot Resource Center blog  from April 2009 with addtional information about Fr. Dolan.

And finally a piece of trivia - Fr. Leo Dolan is known for obtaining the only known picture of Matt Talbot as related in this news article from Sydmey, Australia dated June 20, 1974.

Where is Everybody?

I stopped by my parish church yesterday around 4:10 PM. I was to meet someone there at 4:30 so having a few minutes I popped into Church since they have Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament on Tuesday's. I walked in and the Church was completely empty. Just our Lord in the monstrance on the altar and two flickering candles. I knelt there for about 10 minutes and the only thing I could think to say to Him was how sorry I was that there was nobody there to spend time with Him. With all that is going on in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia (schools closing or merging, trials with priests beginning, and all of the other normal issues that people have) and no one there praying. Everybody has an opinion, everybody wants "somebody" to do "something" to fix it but nobody seems to be praying, at least not at that time in that place.